All Grown Up, razorCMS V3

Version checking errors on 3.4.4 and 3.4.5 Issues have disabled version checking on these versions, rendering auto upgrade broken. We give our apologies for this and have fixed the issue, all those running either one of these versions will not be informed of new versions and will have to upgrade manually to 3.4.6 as detailed on the download page Download Page Here

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In-Page Editing

Alter your content right there, as you see it. No crazy administration control panels, simply login and start editing the page in front of you.

Admin Dashboard

For all those other tasks outside of editing the page, there is the admin dashboard overlay. Hit the dashboard icon to show the overlay and manage other aspects of your site.

PHP, angularJS, Bootstrap, Font-Awesome

Using the latest technology, razorCMS is built on PHP, angularJS, Bootstrap V3 and Font-Awesome to give you all the tools you need for a creative, impressive site.

Extend your Site

Extend your website by easily by adding themes, functionality, giving you the ability to simply get the website you want without the need for complicated code.

Built for Modern Browsers

Utilising the most up to date technology, razorCMS V3 gives you all the bells and is supported by all modern browers (Internet Explorer 9 and up).

Mobile/Tablet Friendly

By using the power of Twitter Bootstrap, both the administration and themes are built in such a way to maximize support on mobile devices.

Simple Installation

Just download, unpack and copy to your server, thats it. On first access, log in with the default email and password, then go and change it in the profile menu and your done.

No Database Required

All data is stored in files, so no need to have an SQL database. This makes backing up your data a breeze. Using SQLite all data is stored in file format in storage/database.

 Simple Auto Upgrades

Need to update to the latest version, do this easily with no fuss. razorCMS now has a simple two click upgrade that allows you to backup before upgrade.

 One Click Extension Install

No more downloading and uploading extensions via FTP or file browsers, to add an extension just search, read and install with a single click.