Preferred Installation Method

The preferred installation method for razorCMS is via A2 Hosting, giving you a pre-configured, automatic install of razorCMS when you set up your account through razorCMS. 

We have teamed up with them for specific reasons, like pre-installation, specifically configured Linux hosting guaranteed to work with razorCMS 100% and the ability to choose from SSD hosting to help boost your sites speed by up to 300%.

Install razorCMS now on A2 Hosting

Manual Install Requirements

Preferred installation base for razorCMS is a LAP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP), you will no doubt only find this by looking for a LAMP stack, which includes MySQL is part of the stack. Whilst this is not needed, it will not cuase you any issues having it in place. The configuration of the Apache is also very important, meaning you will need at least the following modules loaded.

  • exif
  • session
  • xml
  • zip
  • zlib
  • json
  • suphp
  • mod rewrite
  • SQLite PDO
  • CURL

Not only do you need mod rewrite, you also need to have htaccess parsing enabled (mod rewrite by itself is not enough), ensure you also allowoverrides.

razorCMS V3 is built to run on LAMP configurations, this means it requires a UNIX type system running Apache web server with PHP 5 and up.

The ideal situation would be a Linux box with apache installed and PHP up to date, however this system may also work to some degree in other environments. I only support the LAMP setup for production servers, that being said, if you want to test this out locally on a windows box, by all means go ahead. I will not offer support to issues running from any local environments, unless you are running from XAMPP, due to the magnitude of offerings available and the configurations of most locally run servers. I have used XAMPP extensively in the past and have found it to be reliable, stable and the most accurate representation of a production environment, when running locally.

To run locally, please download a copy of XAMPP for your given environment (I have tested locally running from Linux and Windows using XAMPP). Once set up, copy razorCMS unpacked file contents to the htdocs directory. From here you should be able to navigate to the system using http://localhost.

XAMPP Local Web Server

Core Download

Want to check out razorCMS V3, and want to do this on your own server, first, please ensure you have checked compatibility, then download the manual production ready version below by visiting the GITHUB page and downloading the latest master release.

To install, simply download, unpack, upload to your server, then log in ( and change the default email and password in the profile area.

Login area:

Default email: [email protected]

Default password: password

razorCMS Latest Release

Softaculous Auto Install

We are also available on Softaculous, so if you already have a hosting account, you can check out the one click installs offered inside your administration panel. Most hosting companies these days use Softaculous to provide software to install on their servers, razorCMS has now been added to Softaculous to help you easily install razorCMS. Remember, when installing via Softaculous, your default login details are the same as the ones listed above.

Softaculous Auto Installer

GIT Repository

Want to stay up to date with the latest build? razorCMS is hosted on Google Code and can be found via the search utility for Google Code. Here you will be able to pull a latest development version of razorCMS.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended to use the latest testing branch for production servers, always stick to the master tagged releases for production sites.

razorCMS Git Repository